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About TOSHA 

Tosha Foods is a subsidiary of Sherwani Traders a company that commits to bringing back a healthy lifestyle through organic and natural grain to the masses. We are all aware that due to food passing through chemical processing at factories, with time, chemically processed food damages the natural metabolic system of a human body and the body become vulnerable to hazards like Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Immunity decrease, Weaker bones and teeth, Obesity, and much more. Tosha Foods uses Natural grain and grinds it with extra care to present the best natural and organic food staple to its customers.






Since we believe in the maximum protection of natural elements during the process of grinding our specially designed grinding unit ensures that no natural element like fiber, minerals or iron, etc. gets wasted. We also do not extract any element included in the grain to be sold separately in the market. Hence our products are not only rich in natural nutritional values but also provides the complete natural benefit of the grain to our customers.

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Growing up, coming to terms with, and living through the complications of Diabetes.

Our Core Values At Tosha Foods customer health is always the priority. We give importance to the best non-chemical-based defense against various diseases which can be taken care of by diet.


Our quality check starts from the acquisition of grains and crops and we ensure that only the best values are delivered to the end user.


We ensure that the dietary values remain intact while grinding and processing for packing. Our State-of-the-Art Plant ensures that the dietary benefits are maintained till it reaches the customer.


We care for the health of our customers so they could be safeguarded from the toxic after-effects of the medicines that is what we strive for so to provide a healthy living and a healthy life style.

Who love Our Products

Our goal is to create a product and service that you’re satisfied with and use it every day. This is why we’re constantly working on our services to make it better every day and really listen to what our users has to say.

TESTIMONIALS “I was suffering from diabetes since 3 years. My blood pressure was also usually high. The doctor that was treating me used to increase the potency after every 3 months. Living with diabetes is not an easy task as the life style changes and one has to be very conscious as far as diet is concerned. I felt that medicines are not controlling my diabetes issues. I had given up and thought that I have to live with it. During that period I met a friend who asked me about my health and advised me to use Tosha Multigrain Aata as an alternative food source for bread. He also advised me to take strict precaution as per the instructions written on the pack. As soon as I started to use the product I felt changes in my body. The clumsiness and tiredness was gone..In a weeks time when I checked by diabetes it was controlled. I started to felt better and within a month my sugar level was normal. I would advise the people who are facing this issue to switch to Tosha Multigrain Organic Aata. “
Rizwan ul Haq Karachi
I suffered from dengue recently. I faced weakness and dizziness after recovery. I came across Tosha Quinoa and tried it. It is an amazing natural product which helped me recover from the after effects of dengue fever. I recovered in a very short time and have decided to include it in my regular diet as it also enhances immunity.
Abid Saleem Lahore
“I was always under the impression that diabetes is a disease. I was suffering from this from the past 5 years and my sugar level was increasing with every passing day which might have resulted in dialysis or shifting to insulin intake. Then I came across a documentary by Tosha Foods which cleared my misconception and I understood that diabetes is a metabolic disorder. I started to use the product as per the instructions of usage and soon I started to feel that my weakness is now now not felt and I can feel that I am getting fit. When I took the HbA1C test after a month to my surprise the sugar level was far too better than the previous one. I am regular user of Tosha Multigrain Organic Aata. “
Mohammad Khan Islamabad