We all know that the food we eat like flour, salt or pulses are basically grown in the fields. The harvest in order to be made available to the consumer passes through a long process. Any harvest for example flour is rich in other ingredients called by products which are also separated during the process. Like in the case of flour before packing fine quality soji, meda and fiber (choker) is extracted. Hence the product looses its natural benefit on the human health which it contains. Organic food staple is considered the most beneficial for humans and internationally the world prefers to use organic staple.

We are all aware that the people living in urban areas of Pakistan especially Karachi do not maintain or we may say cannot maintain a healthy life style. The cities are polluted already with the smoke of vehicles, dust and noise which is a hazard to our mental health. Secondly the food we use in our daily life like bread, salt, pulses and spices are infiltrated mostly. The staple before reaching the market go through a process in which it looses mot of its nutritional values then when infiltrated with non organic or artificial ingredients like color or any other it becomes hazardous to the human health. Organic food do not allow any kind of infiltration or extractions of natural nutritious ingredients hence are more beneficial. The most common hazard that we can easily observe is Diabetes and heart related issues which is at an alarming growth in Pakistan. In 2019, over 19 million adults in Pakistan are estimated to be living with diabetes. Which in itself is the basis of a number of health complications like cataract, cardiovascular diseases, kidney damage etc and much more. This is due to the hazardous food we intake which damages the natural body organs and functions. As organic staple is free from any kind of infiltration and extractions ensures that human body gets the best benefit of what it intakes for energy.

The organic flour we offer is a combination of various other organic staples which makes our product not only a benefit for the health but also enhances the body functioning. Our product contains


1:  Whole Wheat : Whole wheat is rich in iron, thiamine, niacin, calcium, and vitamin B6, in addition to the above nutrients. Whole wheat may be a decent source of several vitamins and minerals, including selenium, manganese, phosphorus, copper, and folate which has excellent health benefits.

2:  Sorghum: Sorghum called “Jawar” in Urdu. Sorghum is known to be rich in phenolic compounds, many of which act as antioxidants. It has also been shown to be good at reducing some forms of inflammation due to its antioxidant properties. Several of the phenolic compounds in sorghum have been linked to anti-cancer effects.

3:  Quinoa:  Quinoa offers a number of health enhancements like it is high in nutritional values, natural fiber, Gluten free, very high in proteins, low glycemic index good for blood sugar control.

4:  Moringa: It offers benefits like nourishment of skin and hair, protection of liver, shield against the chances of cancer development, protection against stomach complications, immunity enhancement and making bones more stronger.

5:  Buck Wheat: Buck Wheat is a very precious ingredient as it is not grown under normal climatic conditions. In Pakistan it is grown at Skardu only. Buckwheat is a highly nutritious whole grain that many people consider to be a superfood. Among its health benefits, buckwheat may improve heart health, promote weight loss, and help manage diabetes. Buckwheat is a good source of protein, fiber, and energy.

6:  Barley : The health benefits of barley called jau in Urdu are known. It offers benefits like Rich in Many Beneficial Nutrients, Help You Lose Weight, Improves Digestion, Prevent Gallstones, Lower Cholesterol, Reduce Heart Disease Risk.

7:  Maize: Maize has several health benefits. Because of the high fiber content, it can aid with digestion. It also contains valuable B vitamins, which are important to your overall health. maize also provides our bodies with essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium, copper, iron and manganese.

8:  Gram : Called Channa in Urdu is packed with nutritional values like it is very high in nutritional values, rich in plant based proteins, helps in control of blood sugar and helps in digestion process.

9:  Black Seed (Kalonji) : The health benefits of Kalonji are quite well known like its Antioxidant, lower in cholesterol, fights cancer, controls blood sugar, anti-inflammatory and helps in protecting against stomach ulcers.

10:  Flax:   Called Alsi in Urdu offers the following benefits beneficial in cardiac disorders, digestive diseases, cancer and diabetes. Alsi (flax) seeds are one of the world’s renowned super foods. These seeds are very nutritious and helping in a several health conditions. They are very rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids

11:  Pearl Millet (Bajra) : Bajra is called pearl millet, which is one of the most common millets available. Rich in fiber, proteins and essential minerals, pearl millet flour is a healthy gluten-free alternative to wheat.

12: Sesame Seeds (Till) : It is also one of the gifts of nature as it Lower Cholesterol, Nutritious Source of Plant Protein, Help Lower Blood Pressure, Support Healthy Bones, Reduce Inflammation, Good Source of B Vitamins and Aid Blood Cell Formation.

13:  Husk: Also called Ispaghol in Urdu relieves constipation, help treat diarrhea, lower blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol levels.

Keeping the benefits of its ingredients Tosha Organic Flour offers the following benefits to its users

Normalizes diabetes , Controls Blood Pressure. Protects from Bells Palsy and Paralysis. Reduces risk of Heart Attack. Enhances Iron in case of deficiency. Improves digestive system and protects from ulcer, Completely nourishes mother and child in pregnancy. Improves immunity protects from diseases. Protects from depression by providing complete nourishment. Makes the face fresh by reducing aging effects. Makes the skin, hair and eyes healthy. Enhances sexual power.

Because it is not an infiltrated product and contains 13 vital and expensive ingredients to enhance the value of diet.

Baesan or gram flour is prepared by grinding the gram seeds (Channa). The baesan available in the market is infiltrated with flour that is why when any thing is prepared by the use of it the over all effect is not beneficial. Moreover as basan is also used externally on skin and hair the overall effect may not be what the user is expecting. Tosha Organic Baesan offers the following benefits as it is 100% pure

1 : Controls Blood Sugar Levels

2: Prevents Heart Problems

3: Helps in  Weight Loss

4: Nourishes Skin

5: Controls Blood Cholesterol Levels

6: Reduces iron deficiency

7: Relieves skin inflammation8:Makes Hair Shiny and Strong

9: Relaxes Muscles

10: Makes bones stronger

11: Reduces dandruff

12: Beautifies skin and gives fairness.

Moringa oleifera is a plant that is often called the drumstick tree, the miracle tree, the ben oil tree, or the horseradish tree. Moringa has been used for centuries due to its medicinal properties and health benefits.

Moringa tea improves heart health, its an idea natural remedy to control diabetes and protection against cancer. Tosha Moringa Tea offers


1: Keeps sugar normal

2: Keeps blood pressure normal

3: Relieves muscle pain

4: Relieves joint pain

5: Relieves physical weakness

6: Relieves fatigue

7: Relieves sleep deprivation

8: Prevents hair loss

9: Corrects gastrointestinal functions

10: Protects against some types of heart disease and cancer.

11:Tea reduces the pain caused by inflammation.

The Khewra Salt Mine (or Mayo Salt Mine) is in Khewra, north of Pind Dadan Khan, an administrative subdivision of Jhelum District, Punjab Region, Pakistan. The mine is famous for its production of pink Khewra salt, often marketed as Himalayan salt, and is a major tourist attraction, drawing up to 250,000 visitors a year. … Its history dates back to its discovery by Alexander’s troops in 320 BC, but it started trading in the Mughal era.

1: It helps in regulation water levels in the Body.

2: It helps in maintaining and promoting healthy pH level.

3: It helps in encouraging healthy blood sugar level.

4: It also acts as an anti-aging agent.

5: Cellular hydroelectric energy balance can also be promoted by the use of rock salt.

6: It helps in aiding vascular health.

Refined flour may not be a great option when it comes to its nutritional content. Refined flour is milled to strip the grain of its bran and germ, making it deficient in nutrients.All the vitamins are lost and calcium is eliminated during its refinement process. Although whole wheat flour or atta needs a little extra kneading than refined flour, it can be beneficial for your health in many ways.

Rich in vitamin

Whole wheat flour contains several vitamins including folate, riboflavin and vitamins B1, B3 and B5. However, the refining process in white flour destroys the grain’s vitamin content. Vitamins B1 and B3 help convert the carbohydrates present in the food to energy. Vitamin B5 helps in the production of blood cells. Along with that, it also helps your digestive system to metabolise fats and proteins. Here are top 4 foods rich in vitamin B5. Some food manufacturers enrich white flour with vitamins to replace the nutrients lost during the processing. When you are purchasing white flour, make sure you check the label to determine if it has the added vitamins.

High in fibre

Another nutritional advantage of whole wheat flour over white flour is its high fibre content. Fibre-rich foods can help you prevent constipation, lower blood cholesterol levels and also help you lose weight. The milling process in refined flour separates fibre-rich bran from the rest of the grain. Therefore, the fibre content in white flour is typically less than its whole-grain counterpart. While it is possible to add vitamins to refined flour, one thing that cannot be added is dietary fibre.

Low glycemic index

Glycemic Index or GI measures the effect of a specific food on your blood glucose levels after you eat it. A low glycemic food ideally has a GI of 50 or less. Whole wheat flour has a GI index of 49 and thus is not known to cause any spike in the blood sugar level. This is turn can lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Refined flour has a higher GI as compared to wheat flour, which quickly gets absorbed in the body, leading to an imbalance of insulin and sugar levels, ultimately causing diabetes. Consuming refined flour can also leave you feeling hungry and irritable, shortly after eating. Read how you can beat diabetes with a wheat flour diet.

Natural relaxant

The ample amount of amino acids and antioxidants in wheat flour help the body relax naturally. Common ailments like anxiety, insomnia, headache and depression can be battled with the grain. The amino acid called tryptophan is a major contributor to the relaxing effects of wheat flour.

Unsaturated fat

The fat present in whole wheat flour is in its unsaturated form and is thus, good for weight loss. Besides, the high fibre content in it also aid in weight loss by helping you beat hunger pangs. Therefore, substituting it for maida or refined flour is a good choice for people trying to lose weight. It also contains an amino acid called tryptophan, which reduces your appetite.

Our chakki aata is mixed with a proportion of gram flour which benefits were discussed above that is why it offers better nutritional values good for health.

Ketosis is a process that happens when your body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to burn for energy. Instead, it burns fat and makes things called ketones, which it can use for fuel. Ketosis is a word you’ll probably see when you’re looking for information on diabetes or weight loss. The ketogenic diet is a very low carb, high fat diet that shares many similarities with the Atkins and low carb diets. It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.

Beside a lot of health benefits following are a few important one that a keto diet offers


  • Low-Carb Diets Reduce Your Appetite. …
  • Low-Carb Diets Lead to More Weight Lossat First. …
  • A Greater Proportion of Fat LossComes From Your Abdominal Cavity. …
  • Triglycerides Tend to Drop Drastically. …
  • Increased Levels of ‘Good’ HDL Cholesterol. …
  • Reduced Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels. …
  • May Lower Blood Pressure.
  • Which of the Tosha products falls in KETO Diet category?
  • Tosha Organic Aata, Moringa Tea and Khewra salt falls in the category of Keto Diet products.
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