Tosha Organic Aata 5KG 2 Packs

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Tosha Organic Aata 5KG 2 Packs



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We all are quite aware that blood pressure and diabetes are some of the most common health hazards that are on the rise for the past 30 years. We shall also consider that why we did not use to hear sudden death due to heart attacks and complications like dialysis due to Diabetes. That was because then the generations did not have access to processed food staples and grains in factories that uses additives and preservatives in their products that damage metabolic order over a period of time. That includes products like sugar, flour, pulses, and rice. Moreover, genetic modifications in the grain have although increasing the yields at fields. but has decreased the nutritional values that nature has given it. Tosha Multigrain Organic Flour is a combination of 13 very beneficial food grains and staples.


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This unique combination of an edible medium offers the following benefits for human health.

1: Normalizes diabetes.

2: Controls Blood Pressure.

3: Protects from Bell’s Palsy and Paralysis.

4: Reduces Risk of Heart Attack.

5: Enhances Iron in case of deficiency.

6 Improves digestive system and protects from ulcer.

7: Completely nourishes mother and child in pregnancy.

8: Improves immunity protects from diseases.

9: Protects from depression by providing complete nourishment.

10: Makes the face fresh by reducing aging effects.

11: Makes the skin, hair, and eyes healthy.

12: Makes hormones in the adrenal glands.

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